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InternetAccessCafe is proud to have the fastest connection. Our server is connected to the internet via a 1Mbps leaseline and is run on the Linux operating system.

Connected to it we have:

  • 11 pentium 4 1.8GHz Dell Inspiron pcs, each with a CD Burner. All of these have 17 inch flat screen tft monitors
  • 9 pentium 3 500MHz ipaq pcs from compaq, which are not to be confused with imacs. All of these have 17 inch flat screen tft monitors
  • 4 pentium 3 450MHz with 15 inch lcd monitors and Zip drives, two with DVD-ROM drives
  • 2 external zip drives with the ipaqs, total = 6 zip drives.
  • our PCs all have usb ports, headphone ports, microphone ports, floppy disk drives and CD-ROM drives
  • 1 iMac with 800MHz PowerPC processor and 256MB of RAM. The iMac features a DVD-ROM/CD Burner combo drive and a 15" flat screen monitor. Using the latest unix based MacOS X, we also have the latest Adobe software, including Photoshop & Illustrator, for all your image manipulation needs.
  • We offer a HP networked scanner for all your photo attachments and Cd burning facility both of which are free of charge when you are using our pcs
  • We have colour and black and white laser printing, at resonable rates, from our HP LaserJet 4550
  • We have memory card readers available for CompactFlash, SmartMedia and Sony Memory Stick. These provide easy access to your digital camera images to allow backup to CD or photo quality printing of images to our Epson Photo Stylus printer

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